Timesupco is more than just a lifestyle brand.
We support individualism and share unique stories. 

Hello #Timies! We are a team that connect all the potential generation Z from different field into this platform. Our story begins here, our founder started her online furniture store when she was 17. With ever-evolving taste, we launched our clothing line since 2018. And now, we have nationwide logistics and extending throughout to the world and remote areas.

Our mission is to provide avenues towards showcasing your potential and inner beauty.


"I'm an interior stylist, and every collection reflects my own personal room as well as wardrobe! I love decorating my own room since I was young, and I like to style myself too! My mission is to explore today’s customer way of life and also for those who loves to reinvent their look or doesn’t want to be labeled or boxed into one style, so that is why the Timesupco were born. And what makes it so special is my major is world's economics and trades, I’m a business lady as well. My goal for Timesupco is to push the boundaries of fashion and lifestyle with our products and services." 

We want to build up a real lifestyle fashion brand for people can express themselves with styles that effortlessly transform your life. Because fashion and lifestyle are truly inseparable.

 |"How do we define ourselves?"
As Nelson Mandela once said "there is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." This is my favorite quote ever.About1

 |"How do you define yourself?" 

Girls, take the times to get to know yourself. You are actually much better than you think. Trust me, if you hold back there is a chance that you might not live up to your full potential. 


"Stars can't shine without darkness."

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