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mvp stars.jpg Store MVP Helper

designer wantzy.jpg Our logo & Boba MT Series Designer, Wantzy.

photographer zaxon.jpg Our Boba MT Photographer, Zaxon.

male model cheong.jpg Our MT Male Model, Cheong.

male model yeoh Our MT Male Model, Yeoh.

Our Design Concept Boba Series.


其設計理念來源於大家平常手中的奶茶——到底是奶茶改變了你的生活,爲你無聊的一天中增添一些色彩;還是你改變了它,讓奶茶成爲了家喻戶曉,人手一杯的飲料?“WHAT DO YOU WANNA DO 也同時擁有了雙重含義,即可是你想對(奶茶)它做什麽,還是它到底會對你的生活做出什麽改變?

A classic black & white soft cotton tee featuring an embroidered boba icon. Topped with a crew neck, and short sleeves. 

Boba Series.jpgBoba Series.jpg"Milk Tea and pearls are the perfect combination just like you and me."   

Boba Series.jpg

Long Sleeves

An oversized soft pajama in loose-fit featuring an embroidered boba icon and a round neck.

Boba Series.jpg


A cropped top is made of course cloth and featuring an embroidered boba icon, a round neck and slim fit.

Boba Series.jpg

2019-02-21 12.26.18 1.jpg

Don't miss out TIMESUPCO first self-designed Boba Tee Series.

"Milk Tea and pearls are the perfect combination just like you and me."❤️

Photo taken with two first-time models, James & Yeoh.

Special thanks to our team, especially to the Photographer, Zheng & the Designer, Wan.

Thanks y'all for the great efforts! 

Check out the Boba Series and give us a big support! 

Love ya'll ❤️

Also thanks to those not mentioned here.

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