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    "We born to fix your troubles." Imagine if products are different type of 'vege', and we are the 'Vege Picker' who only pick the BEST ones for you!

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    Our Founder

    Do you think buying things may also help a part of angels may be forgotten by the world? I said YES.

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Tiny Home's First Choice

The Helsinki

Slowly & Deliberately... AFTER WORK

Good Morning World...

Toothpaste Extruder

and don't forget to bring your... PORTABLE TRAVEL ESSENTIAL !!

Portable Liquid Container

Clothing Line


Our first design 'WHAT DO YOU WANNA DO' milk tea embroidery series,
We spent more than 72 hours of discussion, 504 hours to design, 78 hours of fabric screening...
Ultimately, we use of non-fading technology, cotton breathable fabric to make our T-shirt, in order to provide the BEST QUALITY for our customers. It's UNISEX!

The sleeveless shirts are made of breathable fabrics, which are tailor-made for you. Girls, don't be afraid of Summer!
Size? No matter how tall are you, if you're a human, you can wear it.

Beauty Line
YOUR FAV Nail Stickers

When you buy things, you are directly boosting the teenagers self-confidence; 

donating the money to the victims around the world.

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